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About us




The children and adolescents social centre (Vaikų ir paauglių socialinis centras) – it is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization that takes care of socially damaged children and their families.


 The main purpose of the organization is to develop and restore the children's and adults’ mental and social resources to their optimal and effective participation in society.


 The organization consists of the department of Svencionys, the department of Piliakalnis and the children day centre “Svajone“ (en. Dream).


 The department of Svencionys: there live two families of children. There are about 12 children in one family.  They are in the temporary or permanent care.


 The department of Piliakalnis: there is a social care home where two families of children live. There are about 12 children in one family.  They are in the temporary or permanent care. Also there is a Youth Home where live about 12 teenagers who are over 16 years old. The Self-sufficing Life Home belongs to this department too. There live people and families who need special social services – people who are in a social risk, people who experienced violence in their immediate environment or have a crisis in their families.


 The organization has a social care of the 60 children who are from 1 to 18 years old. The children who are over 16 move to the Youth home.


 The children day center attends to the 20 children from the socially damaged environment.



We are focused on the impetuosity and continuous improvement and innovation in activities. We aim to provide comprehensive social services with quality, including community, volunteers, and developing partnerships with local and international networks.


 It is important for us that social damaged children grow up into full-fledged members of society.


 We reach that the children grow properly and in close home conditions. It is the reason why we continually improve the social workers, enlarge the variety of working methods, inculcate innovative work systems, install home environment the most similar to the home environment.


 The strong families are the most important for us. We run training sessions for families to strengthen their parenting and social skills, psychological resilience. We strengthen relationship with the children and strive to integrate them into society.



  • Children's short-term and permanent social care

• Youth House with youth accompaniment in their independent life

• Self-sufficing Life Home

• Children's day centre "Svajone"

• The GIMK (en. PRIDE) program

• Integrated services for families in crisis

• Training for professionals

• Training for parents

• Local Volunteering Development

• International volunteering (EVS)




• Children care, education, skills development

• Complex assistance - social, psychological, medical and legal - to children and their families

• Accommodation in independent living home, providing comprehensive services

• Youth Care home, providing integrated services

• Career guidance, integration and rehabilitation

• Representation

• Children leisure

• Preparation of adoptive parents and carers

• Training for professionals of social work

• Training on positive parenting for parents

• Training for expectant parents


Our contacts:

The social centre of Children and Teenagers

Švenčionių str. 18a, Nemenčinės m., Vilniaus r. sav.


Tel/Fax  +370 5 2372699

El.p. info@vpscentras.lt